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Let me get straight to the point.

Most people are unhappy with the way they feel, way they look, and amount of energy they have each day.

You see, we all want to a life full of vitality and happiness where we get what we HAVE to get done with enough energy left to do what we WANT to do.

We all want to live life on our own terms.

But something happens along the way…

We get trapped inside our busy days and lose sight of what we want out of life in the first place.

Here is the Problem:

When you don’t learn how to properly nourish your body instead of just filling your stomach, you will never achieve the energy levels you need and you’ll sacrifice the quality of life you deserve.

Of course you are passionate about the people and things you love, but I bet you’re also passionate about how you want life to be with them.

You want the energy to have fun with you family and friends. You’d like to travel more. And above all you’d like to spend less time not feeling well, and more time enjoying life.

Has it been so long since you felt healthy enough, had enough energy, and had any fun that you have forgotten what it looks like and feels like?

Can you imagine yourself living the life you want and desire?

Can you imagine yourself exactly as you want to be?

What would that look like, sound like, feel like?

Did you imagine it? If not stop now, close your eyes and imagine living the life you want and desire with all the energy and vitality you deserve.


Feel the way it feels to be living this life you want and desire.

OccurrenceSee yourself doing all the things you love with more energy, more fun, and more excitement than you can imagine.

Feel how it feels to live with abundant health and abundant energy feeling outstanding every day.

You might be thinking of the vacations you’ve always wanted to take, the children you’d love to run and play with, or the amazing nights in the bedroom you could have with your one and only.

By now you’re probably getting pretty excited as you imagine the many profound and undeniable changes within yourself, your life and your relationships you’ll be experiencing while becoming healthier and having more energy every day.

WOW!  How different your life will be after starting your journey to better health with me. Imagine having all the tools I will share, all the knowledge to keep you at your peak health and full of energy. All the wonderful things you will be doing!

That feeling, it’s a great thing! That excitement and energy you feel now Is something you are going to learn to strengthen and learn how to keep!

Something often like to ask my clients is, “How much Health and Energy Can You Stand?”

And that’s the question I ask you now

How Much Health and Energy Can You Stand?

coupleThe good news is that there is a better way. There does not have to be a tradeoff between good health and lifestyle. In fact they are directly related!

If you are struggling to take your energy to the level of success that you desire because of lack of knowledge and resources, you are in the right place.

If you want help learning how to take better care of yourself so you have more energy to do what you love, you are in the right place.

You see, I’m all about results. I believe in giving you the tools that enable you to live the life of your dreams.
You should live the life of your dreams, not just dream about living your life!

About Randi

My name is Randi Kirchofner LMT, NTP, CPC

I’m thrilled you’re reading my story – because I’m going to bet we are a lot alike, you and me. We both want to have a life we love and the energy to live it.

Which means neither one of us can just wander through life mindlessly stuffing our faces and not paying attention to our bodies. I bet you know firsthand how confusing and overwhelming it can be to try to eat right and know what supplements your body needs.

randi-1Well, not anymore. I make getting healthy and having more energy dead easy – with less stress and zero drama.

Health and wellness is a people business and I’m a social butterfly. Keep reading to find out where I came from, how I got here, where I’m going and where I can take YOU.

I’m Randi, and I love what I do (And Coffee, and Imported Beer. Shhh!)

I grew up in a very food driven household; my dad was a hunter and fisherman, and my mom loved to cook. The number one thing my mom taught me about food was we didn’t have the money for a lot of things in life, but we could afford food so she was going to eat whatever she wanted because she enjoyed it and it made her feel good.

When your family bonds around food, it becomes an emotional attachment deeply rooted into your personality.

And the fact was that I loved junk food. I mean crazy loved it.

A day in my life would consist of a couple doughnuts with flavored coffee, usually mixed with hot cocoa for breakfast. A 44 oz slushie with a king size candy bar and a bag of chips for lunch. And dinner consisted of either a frozen dinner or a double cheese burger with a jumbo fry and super-sized soda. Not to mention the snacks I had throughout the day.

In my young adulthood, I suffered from several major health issues. One of which almost killed me. I was in a medicated coma for several days and living with a pick line in my chest. I was sick for the better part of a year. I had several surgeries for various things and was about 350 pounds. All before the age of 25.

randi-2In 2004 I was diagnosed with the Epstein Barr virus. If you haven’t heard of it, neither had I. It is the mother virus to mono. My life was falling apart and fast. There were times I could not lift myself out of bed. After months of doctor appointments, tests, medications and thousands of dollars with no improvement, I went to an iridologist.

The iridologist suggested a regiment of supplements and vitamins and within 48 hours, I was feeling like myself again. After a week I was back to living my life!

This experience opened my eyes to a whole new world – and I wanted to live in it.

I was already a practicing massage therapist, but now I wanted more than to just rub bodies. I wanted to help people change their lives!

My first step was to work in a Naturopathic doctor’s office. I worked beside a third generation Naturopath for 8 years and boy did I learn a ton. I don’t what it is about the human body and how it works, but I have a passion for understanding how it all works.

After the Naturopath’s office and some extensive training, I opened my own health and wellness office, Vitality Health Centers. And boy has it been an adventure!

I love to teach others how to have the energy and freedom to create the life they desire!

I love watching my clients change their lives. Some have come to me when no one else could help, and some have come to me as a last resort. I have helped all ages from newborn to late 90’s, and every one of their stories touches me and their successes excite me.

So what can I do for you?

I have created a crazy simple program to bring you back to life – a life with energy and vitality. You know the kind of life you want to live. The kind of life where you have fun. Remember that life? Yep, you can have it back.

I know what you’re thinking, yeah right I’ve heard this before.

Believe me, I know where you are coming from. Remember – I was in your shoes. Probably even worse, I can’t believe some of the shit I used to eat and think it was fine.

I know how hard it is to weed through what is healthy and what is not. Is this really good for me or just good marketing? It’s frustrating and hard to succeed at the wellness game. That’s why I have done all the work for you.

Admittedly, the first clients I had were very patient as I struggled through my learning curve. But I have been in the business for 15 years now and the past 5 years I have spent most of my time studying and practicing nutrition.

Today, everything I do – from helping clients one on one to my programs is about helping people just like YOU get results and live with more energy and more life.

I created Fast Food to Fabulous as a 90 day reboot to your system. I will walk you through 4 easy steps, holding your hand the whole way.

In step one we will cut through the inflammation in your body so we can get to the root of what is really going on. Step two is all about healing you gut, which research has proven is the second brain and controls as much or more of the hormones in your body as your brain. Once your gut is healed and can handle it, I will take you through detoxification. This will rid your body of all the bugs and nasties you have collected over the years. Then we will restore your joints and cells, this will lock in all the hard work you have done.

During each step, you will be given all the tools needed to succeed. Including a food list, daily journal and recipes along with many other bonus items. There is no reason for you not have a life you love anymore! Click here to learn more about Fast Food to Fabulous.

If you are one of those people who purchases a home workout program and then never opens it (I am guilty too) and know you need more accountability to stay on track – I got you covered. I have an option to have one on one consultations with me while you complete the 90 day program. Click here to see this option.

And if you don’t want to go through the program, but know I can help you with a mysterious underlying problem no one can figure out then click here to see how we can work together.

Now for the education stuff….

2001    Graduated with Massage Therapy Certificate from the College of Massage Therapy

  • Emphasis in pain management and PPS

2008    Aston Patterning with Judith Aston

2009    Visceral Manipulation with Barrell Institute

2010    Cranial Sacral Therapy with Upledger Institute

2011    Nutritional Response Testing with Ulan Nutritional Systems

2012    Autonomic Response Testing with Klinghart Academy

2012    Morphogenic Field Technique with Dr Springob

2013    Graduated with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association and Bend Community College

2014    Certified Professional Life Coach with Life Coach Institute of Orange Co.

2016    Certified NLP Practitioner with Association for Integrative Psychology

I believe Everyone deserves the life they dream of. I know nutrition is at the core of that life, and I know that nutrition is not as simple as eat this not that. Food is emotional, food is memories of time passed and loved ones missed. That is why I have made it my passion to continue learning how to help my clients in mind, body, and spirit to have the life they want.

I also believe in having support to help with those stressful times when your life seems to be falling apart and you don’t have the energy to do one more thing. I don’t believe you need to live this way. Seriously. In fact, why don’t you sign up here and get my email updates starting now – it’s a BIG help.

And Thank you so much for stopping by, YOU are my passion and my passion is to help YOU thrive.

Here’s to living a life full of energy and fun…..for good!


About Angela

My name is Angela Sackett DCdr_sackett

Hello and welcome! I’m excited you are here! I can’t wait to share in our journey to a life free of pain and fatigue and full of energy and vitality!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I bet you are just like me. You have searched Everywhere and tried Everything to rid yourself of the dreaded pain and exhaustion that rules your life.

Yep. I’ve been there and tried it all too.

But not anymore. I have found a simple solution to find out what is truly going on inside our body and a roadmap to bring us back to optimal health the natural way.

I know what you are thinking, “Yeah right, I’ve heard that before.”
Believe me, I understand where you are coming from – I have been in your shoes.

After graduating Chiropractic College in 1997, I had a thriving practice for 11 years. In 2009, I closed my practice due to pain and fatigue. I just couldn’t do it anymore. My work was suffering, my life was suffering, and my family was getting the brunt of it all. My pain cycles and exhaustion took control of everything.

Not only could I not work doing what I loved, I could not even take care of my family. I was a bear to be around and would shout orders to my children because I just could not do it myself. Their only reprieve was when I would hide in bed trying to sleep through the pain.
Sound familiar?

Like everyone living this nightmare, I searched everywhere and tried everything. After years of searching, lots of doctors, pharmaceuticals, and several surgeries I was still suffering.

Then I found Science Based Nutrition. As my life was restored I had an uncontrollable desire to help others regain their health and energy to live the life they deserve too!

Using science based lab analysis combined with nutritional therapy you can meet your health goals and get your life back!

So what makes this testing so different from what your physician may order? A major difference is that this testing is very thorough and much more in depth than those your doctor will typically order.

Why is this important?

Many health problems we feel as pain and fatigue are subclinical disease processes. What this means is without a thorough panel, your doctor won’t find the problem until you’ve been feeling like this for a long time. And sometimes, even if the problem is identified, the doctor doesn’t have any treatments for the problem. I hear stories like this from clients all the time.

How can I help you?

Randi and I have teamed up to offer individualized, drug free solutions to guide you back to a life full of health and energy. With the results gathered from blood, urine, and/or hair analysis, we can offer nutritional therapy and lifestyle recommendations that are specific to your lab results. There’s no guessing. These tools allow us to give you a roadmap pointing directly towards optimal health and vitality based on the imbalances and dysfunction found inside your test results. This specificity enables us to tailor a plan just for you. Let us help you get your life back!

Click here to learn more about SBN labs.


  • Science Based Nutrition Practitioner 2013
  • Cleveland Chiropractic College – Doctor of Chiropractic 1997
  • Idaho State University – Bachelors of Science, Microbiology 1993
  • Ricks College – Associates of Science, Microbiology 1989

Oh, and want an update on my life since SBN?

I am teaching microbiology full time, running a practice alongside Randi at Vitality Health Centers, traveling every chance I get, and my family – they have a loving wife and mother again. I owe my life to finding Science Based Nutrition and couldn’t be happier.


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At Vitality Health Centers, our vision is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to live with vitality and optimal health with the energy to do the things they must do, plus the energy to do the things they want to do and have fun!

We specialize in the natural health areas of Massage Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Life Coaching, NLP, Hair and Tissue Analysis, and Professional Grade Dietary Supplements. We focus on using natural methods and resources to help achieve a more energized, healthier you.

In a pleasant and relaxing environment, we provide a friendly and safe space where you are recognized as a unique individual. We listen to your specific needs and help inspire you to a higher state of well-being. In most cases, consultations are performed via telephone, skype or using other online tools.

Additionally, we network with other natural health practitioners to offer even more resources for the benefit of your overall health. Our staff continually receives training and education to offer you the most forefront information available in the nutritional and natural health fields.