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How boring would life be if we just wandered around not making connections with each other!? Would we all just stare at the ground or up to the stars trying to avoid contact? Making connections is what we live for! Every day we sit on the edge of our seats vibrating with excitement as the computer boots up and we get to see who sent us a message!


Let’s get social!

Facebook: We all spend so much time here… wait is that only me? Naw! We love Facebook, it’s like being right there when your friends or family are far away! Do you ever image yourself on someone else’s amazing vacation? OK maybe not, but you should it’s fun! Facebook, the way to connect in your jammies and no one has to know.

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Pinterest: Oh Pinterest! What a way to collect all of our favorite things! Talk about being a hoarder! At least it’s not all messing up the house! We just love finding treasures on Pinterest. Click Here to take a look at Randi Kirchofner’s collections to find recipes, advice, and tools. While you’re there, take a peek into my personality and what I love!

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Email: Every letter is important to us! You are important to us! If you would like to get in touch about what we do, ideas for the blog, recipes you would love to share or hire us to talk, feel free to shoot us an email.

Please Note: We are unable to offer free nutritional or life coaching and support via e-mail. It would be unfair to you if we tried to give you direction without a proper consultation and history.

We would love to guide you to your dream life! Click Here to check out our one-to-one coaching packages.

Our e-courses are a great way to dive into a diy transformation. They are packed full of workbooks, recipes, menus, and so much more! Our e-courses are the perfect first step to a new you if one-to-one coaching is not your thing. Click Here to learn more.

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“Randi has helped my family with many of our health needs. But two instances really stick out in my mind. My son was suffering from a mild case of turrets, his pediatrician wanted to put him on medication for it. We were not comfortable with his suggestion, so we took him to see Randi.”


Angel Hansen
“I first met Randi a few years ago when we both were enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Association’s Nutritional Therapist program. She was cool, but super smart, and one look told me she knew a lot more than the rest of us!”


Tina M. Johnson, RN, NTP, Optimal Health Nutritional Therapy Portland, OR
“I first met Randi in 2012 during our NTP training course through the Nutritional Therapy Association.
After a few painful experiences with fellow students who hadn’t quite mastered the “art of touch” I sought Randi out because I knew she was an experienced LMT and also she had a calming yet vibrant energy about her that I was immediately drawn to.”


Courtney Cronk, MS, NTP
“My 10 year old daughter, who is doing the program, was tired all the time. She was also grumpy, irritable, and angry much of the time. She started fights with her sister constantly and was causing a lot of dissension in the family. Every day was a struggle for all of us.”


Kimberly King
“I was in constant pain – in my joints, back, and headaches. I had very low energy, trouble sleeping, depression symptoms, and sinus issues. My joints are no longer in pain. I am feeling well enough to start racing 5k’s again and plan to race again in triathlons next season.”


Gloria G.
“I was definitely not feeling well and it was a number of things contributing to this. First of all, my eyes with severe dryness and severe blurred vision. Second, extreme tiredness and foggy thinking along with irritability and tension. It was tough for me to handle stress at all.”


Cindy R.
“With Randi’s help, I was able to restart and kick start my thyroid into thinking it was healthy again. I will never be off medication, but I need to have a guide who understands the changes in my body before I do.”


Sherrie Alvernaz
“Randi discovered that my body was over taken by yeast and was able to pin point that exact timing of when the yeast was introduced into my system. It was causing my migraines and was effecting my vocal cords!”


Lorraine Lindsey
“Randi didn’t just see me as a collection of symptoms. She saw me as a whole person. She taught me how to listen to my body and realize that my symptoms were my body’s way of asking me for help.”


Jennifer Potter, NTP

We would love to guide you to your dream life!
Check out our one-to-one coaching packages.

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