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You eat healthy, you are doing everything right, but you still can’t seem to get to the level of energy and vitality you know you could have… What do you do now?

Everyone deserves to have a life they love with the energy to have fun!

There may be an underlying root issue that has not been found yet. It could be something simple and it could be something very complicated.
Each person has their own history, their own story…

Working with me personally can get to the root of your story. Together we will do a thorough personal history, health assessment and other testing to develop a personal plan with your bio-individuality in mind to help you have a higher level of health and energy.

I am currently taking a limited number of private clients. Please email me to see if that is an option for us to get you to an outstanding life.

Testing We Offer

Are you healthy enough to experience life and enjoy it to your full potential?

Do you know why you may be feeling low in energy or just not as well as you know you could?

A comprehensive blood analysis could shine some light on what has you feeling low. Many problems show up in the blood long before you actually feel symptoms.

Did you know you can have only 20% liver or kidney function working and still have virtually no symptoms?

So how do you know if you are healthy if you can’t totally rely on feeling ok as an indicator of good health?

A complete Science Based Nutrition™ Blood Analysis will determine:

  • sbnHow healthy you really are
  • What problems could be just beginning
  • What dietary and lifestyle changes you should make
  • If they supplements you are taking are working

The Science Based Nutrition™ program  is an innovative, science-science based look at nutritional strengths and weaknesses through an individuals blood analysis. This scientific approach can office a clear plan for your optimum health.

As a result we are able to offer a new generation of individualized nutritional coaching using the tools that can reveal subtle imbalances and assist in bring balance back.


Why are Science Based Nutrition™ blood tests different?

Most blood tests are compared to clinical normal ranges from your results report. If you are within this normal range, you will most likely be told you are normal – but normal does not necessarily mean healthy.

Why not?  The problem lies in how the normal ranges are determined.

Normal ranges are determined by taking about 100-200 people who have had tests ran recently in a particular lab. Yes, each lab has their own set of ranges and these ranges are not standardized from one lab to another. The results of the tests from those 100-200 people are averaged and that number becomes the middle of the normal range.  The high and low sides of the normal range are determined by the two standard deviations from the average.

There are two problems with this. First most healthy people are not having tests ran, so the people’s tests the labs are using to find their averages are people who already had a health problem. And the health of people has be declining over the past decades so the averages are getting more and more off from what truly healthy is.

Does it make sense to compare your blood test results with averages from people who were already experiencing problems?

No! That is why being “normal” is not good enough.

Here are some key features that set the Science Based Nutrition blood analysis apart from others

  • Color Coded report to quickly and easily identify problem areas.
  • Incorporates multiple factors for each issue or dysfunction including client’s diet, supplements taken, prescriptions, diet, and lifestyle.
  • Correlation of test results with symptoms, lifestyle habits, or medication side effects that could contribute to the problem.
  • Comprehensive lifestyle recommendations based on clients individual test results.
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Individualized supplement recommendations and dosages specific to test findings, age, sex, and weight of the client.
  • Compare color coded current and previous tests on the same page to easily monitor improvement.
  • Complete laboratory analysis to document and monitor current health dysfunctions and tendencies toward dysfunction.
  • Personalized nutritional, lifestyle, and dietary coaching based on your bio-individuality and test results.
Download Full Sample Report

Food Inflammation Testing (FIT test)

Do you suffer from unexplained headaches, stomachaches, skin issues, unwarranted emotional issues, or other problems?

You may have food sensitivities. Many people with normal diets suffer from uncomfortable conditions that can develop into chronic conditions due to sensitivities to the otherwise healthy foods they are eating. Difficulty losing weight or gaining muscle can even by associated to food sensitivity.

Food sensitivities and related issues affect at least 100 million people worldwide. In the USA alone about 50 million people suffer from food sensitivities.

And these numbers have increased by 50% in adults and 70% in children in the past few years.

It is often hard to identify food sensitivities because they are not all the same nor do they all have the same symptoms. The list of symptoms caused by food sensitivities is almost as long as the list of systems from all the diseases out there.

To make matters worse not all reactions are immediate. Of course there are sensitivities that present themselves as soon as the food enters the body, but others can take hours or days to present themselves. Then there are also sensitivities that build up over time with repeated exposure to the food. FIT tests measure all these types of reactions.

FIT testing offers testing on up to 132 common foods that may be causing inflammation in the body. Once you identify the problem foods, they can be removed from the diet. When these foods are eliminated from the diet, many times the symptoms associated with the sensitivities to those foods can be alleviated.

Many food sensitivity testing examine the anti-Human-IgG alone.  These tests are less sensitive than the FIT test which examines both the IgG and the anti-Human-Complement-C3d-HRP.

Without writing a scholarly paper on the immune system this basically means your body has a reaction to a food which causes your body to make an antigen against it. IgG is a protein that binds to an antigen. These antigens can activate Complement thus forming an Immune Complex. The Complement system is part of your immune system which contains proteins that circulate around the body all the time. Their primary function is to fight against micro-organisms and antibodies. When they detect either of these, the proteins bind to one another forming a cascade. The end result of Compliment activation is cell lysis which means the protein cascade destroys the cell containing the micro-organism or antibody.

Testing for IgG alone will show if your body is making the IgG protein indicating there is an antigen to the food, but it does not show if the C3d is involved, leaving out a piece of the puzzle.

Testing both the IgG and the C3d simultaneously enables the FIT tests to give a more complete picture of how a person will react to food antigens if they are introduced to the system. This gives FIT tests results a 95% confidence that foods are either positive or negative in regards to sensitivity.

Having a sensitivity to a food does not necessarily mean you’re going to break out in hives or have an immediate physical reaction to it, but it does mean the food causes a certain amount of stress on your body increasing your cortisol levels. Knowing which foods to avoid to cut down on the stress your body deals with can make big changes in how you feel.

Find out how you can get your FIT test

What is a Hair Tissue analysis?

Trace mineral analysis is a test that measures the mineral content of your hair. The mineral content in the hair reflects the mineral content of the body’s tissues. If a mineral deficiency or excess exists in the hair, it usually indicates the same problem within the body or bio-unavailability of that mineral.

For example: If your hair shows an elevated calcium level two or three times normal, then you calcium level within the body may also be elevated.

Various mineral imbalances found with hair analysis frequently lead to metabolic dysfunctions before any symptoms manifest.

Conditions that can be caused or aggravated by a mineral imbalance are

  • Depression
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hyperactivity
  • Hair Loss
  • Thyroid Disturbance
  • Prostate Disorders
  • Digestive Disturbance
  • Diabetes
  • Headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
  • Cardiovascular Issues
  • Skin Rashes
  • Emotional Problems
  • Allergies

Why Test for Minerals?

Minerals are the “sparkplugs” of life. They are involved in almost all enzyme reactions within the body. Without enzyme activity, life ceases to exist. A trace mineral analysis is preventative as well as a useful screening tool.

Who Needs a Hair Analysis?

Anyone who has symptoms where no explanation can be found, or when the cause seems to be found but treatments are not wholly effective. Hair analysis opens up a whole new vista for solving your own particular problem be recognizing your own biochemical individuality.

Even if you are not experiencing a severe problem, abnormal changes in the body chemistry and nutritional deficiencies may result in early, subtle changes in the body such as

  • White spots in fingernails
  • Longitudinal ridging in nails
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Deep grooves across nails
  • Stretch marks
  • Lack of growth
  • Mood swings

Common Causes of a Mineral Imbalance

  • Improper diet – high in carbohydrates and sugar, strict vegetarian diets, and other strict restricted diets.
  • Taking vitamins and minerals which are not compatible with your current body chemistry
  • Medications
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Stress
  • Accumulation of toxins and heavy metals from environment, job or hobbies.

Hair analysis is an invaluable screen tool which allows a correct program of diet and supplementation to be designed for each individual’s specific needs.


Eat your way to Healthy

Most people are too busy eating to know what they are putting in their mouths

I used to be like you, mindlessly eating to fill my stomach. But I was getting sicker and sicker.

At the age of 24 I had already almost died twice, been in a medicated coma for a week, lost an organ, and been diagnosed with the Epstein bar virus. With a little luck I thought I would live to see my 50th birthday.

I thought the low energy, pain, brain fog, not sleeping, mood swings, and being overweight my whole life were just the cards I had been dealt. My whole family suffered from the same problems. We were all just big boned, right?fast food on dash

It took getting a scary illness that consumed my life for months, some days not allowing me to get out of bed to realize I needed to change something in my life. But what?

After years of Super-Sized soft drinks, Fast Food, and King Sized candy bars for lunch, I began to change the way I thought about food.  I learned what food really was and that I was simply filling my stomach with chemicals and garbage – not nutrition.

I bet you’re like me, you think your making decent food choices for yourself. You think you’re eating healthy, at least most of the time.

After all, why would the label claim this microwavable meal to be a Healthy One if it wasn’t, right?

What if I told you I can help you to see past the labels, past the advertising to recognize REAL food REAL HEALTHY food that will change your life? What if you could have your energy back, be in less pain, think clearly, and enjoy your life?

AND What if I told you – YOU CAN FEEL GREAT!

Through simple changes to your eating, you can make huge changes in your health. That is what Nutritional Consulting will do for you and your family.

And I will hold your hand each step of the way until you have the confidence and knowledge stand on your own.

Here is how it works:

  • We will meet once a week for a while to talk about your health concerns, and your lifestyle.
  • I will give you options to change the way you’re eating now that will NOT make you feel deprived or hungry.
  • As you deplete the foods in your cupboards, you will have the knowledge to replace them with healthy versions. You will not be expected to throw out all of your food when starting this process, I know you have spent your hard earned money on the food you already have and you should use it. We will just replace it with better choices.
  • You will keep food logs of what you have eaten each day and how you felt that day. ( We will use this information to determine if there are foods you may have sensitivities to)

kitchen I will even teach you how to cook in a new way if you have been cooking from a box and microwave. You    will impress your whole family!

It is overwhelming to make a change in lifestyle and really that is what you are doing when you change your food habits. Let me guide you along they journey to make it a fun and successful one.


ecology conceptHeal Thy Self

Have we lost the art of healing ourselves?

Ask your Great Grandmother how to heal just about any ailment and she will spout off a remedy that includes eating certain foods, possibly the use of a root or two, and a tea made of something crazy.

But is it crazy?

Have we just lost the knowledge of how to heal ourselves without the help of doctors and drugs through the generations? Are we just too busy to be bothered with solving the root of our pains, stomach problems, low energy, and anxiety because “there is a pill for that”?

Too bad the pills are just a Band-Aid to cover up the symptoms of the real issue.

Nutritional Therapy digs deep to the roots of why you are experiencing the symptoms that plague your day with pain and discomfort to solve the underlying problem and give you back the vitality and health you once had (or in some cases to feel better than you can remember ever).

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I will teach you what food will heal your body and how to change your lifestyle to support better health.

Each body has its own bio-individuality.

This is why one thing will work wonders for someone else, but when you tried it – nothing happen, or you may have felt worse.

With the help of the NutriQ, a comprehensive online health assessment, along with other tools and actually listening to your health history, I am able to cater a program especially for YOUR body.logo_nutriq

Here is how it works:

Once you make the decision to take your life and energy back, I will send you an e-mail inviting you to take the Online Health Assessment. You will answer the questions on the assessment and hit submit. The assessment will be send directly to me with your answers along several reports explaining what may be causing your symptoms.

We will have our first consultation where you have the opportunity to tell me about yourself and go over the findings in your assessment.

During our first consultation we will discuss the ways we can change the way you are feeling and which avenues will work the best for you.  This will include changes to your foods, lifestyle, and professional grade dietary supplements.

I understand no one can change their entire life overnight, I put the power of how fast or slow you want to make changes in your diet and lifestyle in your hands. If you are someone who drinks a case of Diet Coke a day – chances are you will not be able to stop drinking it today, it will take baby steps to make the change stick.

At the end of our first consultation, we will make your next appointment to check in and see how things are going, take a look at your daily food logs, and to make sure your supplements are working as expected.

Take back your life, without the use of medications and Band-Aids. Make a real change for your future.

Herbal supplement pills and fresh leaves spilling out of bottle – alternative medicine concept

We all want to save money –right?

Sacrificing quality to save a buck could cost you a lot more

Have you seen the articles about the contaminated, falsely labeled, and adulterated supplements sold by some of the big chains? If not, here is a link to the Washington Post’s article

I get asked all the time if there is a cheaper brand or can I buy this at Walmart or on Amazon?

The answer is – Can you find a herb with the same name for less money, probably. Will it be the same quality, no.

Over the Counter Supplements

Over the counter (OTC) supplements have many problems as the Washington Post points out. Those examples are extreme, but they represent the truth in buying supplements from the big box stores. OTC supplements are often made from the cheapest ingredients.  The raw materials for the product can come from different suppliers; this can cause each batch to have a different potency. They are also filled with preservatives and dyes to keep the shelf life as long as possible.

Here is the story of one of my clients using OTC valerian root. Tj was using valerian root in a capsule form from her local big box store. She had been using the same brand and same dose to help her with her anxiety and help her sleep for more than a year. The store was clearing out the product so she bought several bottles. The first bottle seemed to not work as well, so many nights she had to take two in order to sleep. When she opened the second bottle she went back to taking one and it worked as it always had. A week after opening the third bottle (taking one each night) she ended up in the emergency room with an overdose.

Professional Grade Supplements

In my office, I use only professional grade products from companies with outstanding reputations. Most of the supplements I use are from Biotics Research. Biotics Research, along with all the supplemental companies I use only allow health care professionals who have a working knowledge of how to use their products safely and effectively to have an account with them.

This ensures your receive education about why your body needs these supplements and how they are going to better your health.

“My friend Barbra is taking it or I saw it on T.V. Maybe I need such and such vitamin too…”

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this in my office. I have had people bring me laundry baskets full of supplements, most of which they don’t remember why they started taking them. In many cases we can trace back some of the clients symptoms to a supplement they have self-administered.

Not only are you receiving a higher quality product when you purchase supplements through your health care practitioner, you are also taking supplements your body actually needs. The human body is an amazing machine that will only take what it needs from the nutrients we put in it and will discard the rest.

How much money have you wasted on supplements that were flushed down the toilet?

We have been programed to believe cheaper is better as the big box stores roll back prices and offer discount club memberships, but when it comes to your health, invest the money and invest the time needed to live the best life you can have.


Do you need a massage? Yes!

Of course we all do and even if we can’t justify the need we all want one! Awe a massage what a wonderful hour of bliss!

Massage Therapy can be beneficial for a host of issues from stress, depression, pregnancy, headaches, pain – the list goes on and on.

When I started Massage Therapy school I knew I wanted to help people. As a child, I remember rubbing family and friends to ease their neck pain or sore back. Mom’s infamous gift for every holiday… a foot rub.

In school I was introduced to a massage modality called Pain Patterns and Solutions. I loved it! This was my first exposure to the patterns our bodies carry and how to unwind them and it worked!

Let me explain how pain patterns lock down the body:

mptWhen the body experiences stress or injury, it creates pain as a warning sign to us that something is wrong. This causes muscular contractions at the site of the injury or the area your body holds stress.

Because the body’s main focus to keep all the processes within it balanced (being out of balance causes dysfunction in the body) the body reacts with a compensating contraction to offset the injured area.

The body is now in a tug of war causing fatigue and exhaustion within the body.

Without massage, this cycle continues to causing a physical stress pattern that drains you of energy and life.

Massage therapy breaks this cycle

What would your life be like if you could break your pain cycles and relieve the stress in your body?

Call our Idaho Falls Idaho office today to schedule 208-522-5500

Your body is made up of many interrelated components such as bones, muscles, nerves, fascia, and internal organs (viscera). Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a gentle manual therapy that focuses on the internal organs of the body aiding in the body’s ability to release unhealthy restrictions and compensations that cause pain and dysfunction. Your organs are always in motion. When you breathe, walk, and stretch your organs are moving. For example when you take a breath, your kidneys move about an inch. When you take a deep breathe the kidneys move about 4 inches. Optimum health relies on a harmonious relationship between the movements of the organs and the other parts of the body.

There are many reasons an organ loses mobility or gets confused about which way it should be moving. Some of the ways this can happen are trauma, surgery, infections, bad diet, poor posture and even pregnancy and delivery. When an organ isn’t moving correctly, it effects other structures in the body and causes them to compensate for its weakness.

Visceral Manipulation does not focus solely on the site of pain or dysfunction, instead VM evaluates the body as a whole to find the source of the problem instead of focusing on the problematic site as many times the problem lies somewhere other than where the symptom presents.

The therapist guides areas with decreased or dysfunctional motion within the viscera, as well as the restrictive patterns throughout the body with VM techniques. Encouraging correct motion re-establishes the body’s ability to adapt and restore itself to health.

Life Coaching

This is a question I get asked all the time, and it’s not the easiest one to answer. It can be different things to different people.  This is best way I have found to give clients a good picture of what Coaching is.

Remember the main characters in the Wizard of Oz?

They were all wondering around along the yellow brick road to find the magical and wondrous Wizard of Oz who was going to fix all their problems.   The Wizard at the end of the road, behind those gigantic green doors… that’s what a life coach is.

Did I just hear you say Bull Sh*t? Yes, I think you said that out loud J

Let me explain… Each one of the characters had a problem they were trying to solve, right?

Dorthy – wanted to get home

The Tin man – a heart

The Lion – courage

Scarecrow – needed a brain

We all remember the story – Dorothy meets each one of these sorry souls on her way to see the wizard so she can find the way back home. And if you remember right she wants to go back to a home she was unhappy with before the tornado, one she even ran away from. Funny how we change our minds about a circumstance once it’s taken away from us…isn’t it?

So as the story goes, the foursome takes the long journey down the yellow brick road to find the Emerald City. Along the way they are hindered and menaced by the Wicked Witch of the West. And they must creatively overcome each of her plots to stop them from reaching the Wizard (and to get Dorothy’s shoes of course).

The whole time they are traveling down the yellow brick road they are each fixated on the end of the journey, that Wizard who is going to solve all their problems.

Finally, they reach the Emerald City only to be given the most impossible challenge yet. Kill the Wicked Witch of the West and deliver her broom to the Wizard. Only then will they be given what they most desire, a heart, brain, courage, and way home.

So the foursome head back out on the quest to do away with the Witch. After many more challenges and retrieving Dorothy back from the kidnapping Witch, a simple bucket of water melts the Wicked Witch and the broom is theirs.

The Wizard now awards each of the foursome with their long awaited prize. Tin Man receives a heart shaped watch to represent is heart. Lion is given a medal of valor for courage. Scarecrow a diploma to prove he does have a brain. And the Wizard offers to take Dorothy back to Kanas in a hot air balloon.

But Toto her dog runs after a cat causing her to miss the balloon as it floats away, and she is once again stuck in the Land of Oz. Until Glenda the Good Witch comes to save the day. She tells Dorothy of the magical powers her ruby red slippers hold. They are her key to getting home.

So what does all of this have to do with Professional Life Coaching?

We have many yellow brick roads in our lives, journeys littered with challenging events and things we must overcome. At the end of that road we hope to be rewarded with our completed goal.

In the movie, all the characters already possessed the attributes they longed to have, and during their journey they all proved it. The scarecrow came up with many of the plans they used to beat the Witch, the tinman showed love and compassion to his friends, the lion protected the group from the Witch’s goons, and Dorothy she always had those damn shoes.

It took a normal man behind a curtain to help them reflect on their journey and show them they already has what they so desired.

That is what Professional Life Coaching is.

A Life Coach is there to ask the right questions and offer time for reflection you can overcome the obstacles in your life to reach your Emerald City.

Coaches are there to help you discover how to use your ruby slippers in your world.

Our Professional Life Coaches have taken extensive training on not only how to help you achieve your goals, we also address the emotions and limiting beliefs that come up along the way. Releasing these limiting emotions and beliefs gives you the ability to move forward without the doubt and sometimes debilitating feelings you have held onto for so long.

One other thing…. Life is NOT all about reaching that Emerald City at the end of the road. Life is about the journey. We can show you how to enjoy the journey and look forward to the challenges it brings.

Are you ready to head down that yellow brick road?

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