Why Your Body Needs Fats

||Why Your Body Needs Fats

Why Your Body Needs Fats

There are many functions that fats play a role in, but remember I’m not talking about hydrogenated oils such as Crisco, vegetable oils, margarine, etc. I’m talking about whole food quality fats from good natural sources like pasture fed organic meats, coconut oil (cold pressed in a glass jar) olive oil (cold pressed in a dark bottle) etc. You can refer to the good fats list for a better understanding of fats.

Here are some of the reasons fats are so critical for optimal living and health. Fats provide a slow burning source of energy to provide the body with endurance for long periods of time. Fats are required for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. Fats are required for the appropriate use of proteins. Fats serve as a protective lining for the organs located in the abdominal region. Fats also play a huge factor in slowing the absolution of food for proper energy regulation.  And don’t forget, fats simply make food as a whole taste better!

In order to digest fats, you have to have good billilary emulsifying function to absorb them. Along with good enzymes from the pancreas that releases lipase to help break down fats. You have to have the proper breakdown of fats for this whole process to happen. The protective lining for the organs is made up of fat which is essential for the protection of the organs, warmth, and not jarring the organs.

When the body has a sudden urge for the taste of fats in your diet then it is likely that the body is low in essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9.

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