Whats in your nose?

||Whats in your nose?

Whats in your nose?

Did you know there can be over 38 different kinds of fungus inside your sinus cavity?

A client came to me with a stubborn sinus infection she had been suffering from for a long

whats in your nose

time; in fact, she could not remember when the last time she did not have sinus problems or sinus headaches. She had been to the medical doctors and been on a cocktail of different antibiotics with no relief.

We found she had a fungus overgrowth in her sinuses causing the headaches and chronic sinus problems.

There is an easy effective way to kill fungus overgrowth naturally.   In a neti pot or irrigation system add distilled water, a pinch of sea salt, and tea tree and eucalyptus oil and mix well. When adding the essential oils put your finger over the spout and tip as you would a perfume to just barely get some oils on  your finger, then swirl your oil covered finger in the water/salt mixture. This will keep you from getting to much of the oils in your pot and possibly burning your sinuses.

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