November is the best time to buy…

||November is the best time to buy…

November is the best time to buy…

Each month there are items that are just cheaper, whether it be the time of year (clearance) or the holidays near. If you watch each month for the best things to buy you can save a ton of money over the normal retail price.

November is one of the best months thNovember time to buye whole year to go shopping! Mostly because of the Black Friday sales and Thanksgiving day sales, and the clearance prices for left over summer stock on big items like BBQs and Lawn mowers are cut deep. A couple years ago, I was able to pick up a 650.00 grill for just over 200.00! Talk about a score!

I also use Black Friday sales as a way to purchase gifts and store them for birthdays throughout the year. Thanksgiving Day sales are how my pantry stays stocked with the few items we don’t buy fresh.

Here is my list of Best things to buy in November, Have fun shopping!

November is the time to buy…

Food Items

Baking and Candy making supplies
Pie crusts and filling
Cake mixes and Frosting
Clearance Halloween Candy
Non –Food Items

Ziplock bags
Tin Foil
Plastic Wrap
Tin or disposable pans
Carpeting and Flooring
Trees, shrubs and bulbs


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