Beware of Processed Meats

||Beware of Processed Meats

Beware of Processed Meats

There are many reasons we do not want to consume processed meats. Processed meats are chemically infused with all kinds of different additives that allow the shelf-life to maintain for many months on grocery store shelves.

Here are some of the dangerous chemicals that are in processed meats

  • Sodium nitrate which makes the meat look red and fresh
    • Can cause Cancer.
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG) which makes the meat taste savory
    • Can Cause neurological disorders such as migraines, headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, loss of appetite control, obesity and many other health conditions.
  • Processed salt which makes the meat taste very interesting
    • Can cause nutritional problems and high blood pressure.

Along with these top three chemical additives, processed meats can also contain saturated animal fats that are often contaminated with heavy metals, pesticide residue and other dangerous substances.

Here are some foods that are infused with theses harmful chemicals; bacon, hot dogs, meat used in canned soups, meat used in kid lunches, beef jerky and many other pre-packaged foods for a long shelf-life consumption.

There are only two places in the grocery store you will find nitrate free products. One is the fresh meat selection where you can buy fresh ground hamburger, etc. The second is in the freezer, where you can find “Natural” meats that specifically say nitrate-free.

Your biggest challenge in the grocery store is to have enough time to shop so you can read labels to be sure there are no harmful chemicals being put into your family’s food source. Even Organic and Natural meat products can contain sodium nitrate. So please read your labels to be absolutely positive you are not purchasing these products for your loved ones.

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